Keep This Village Alive

Keep This Village Alive...
And Help Grow the Economy

It has been the sudden and devastating reality that some sectors of our economy have been brought to a complete halt. It is important for all of us to understand that without intervention this village we live in will be irreparably harmed.

If you have been in a traffic jam on the highway you will understand that the kilometers of cars do not start moving when the obstruction is cleared. Each stopped car has to start up and start moving to give space for the next car to do the same. While this is happening, at the back of the queue, the cars continue to stack up. If, on the other hand, traffic can continue but at a slower pace, the jam can clear much faster. It is imperative that we do not let the economy grind to a halt.

Why it’s important to spend money if you have steady income

It is a characteristic of these times for those whose income has remained steady, to cut spending – the very opposite to what is needed. Ironically the lower interest rates, lower fuel price and limitations on movement means that for some households, disposable income has actually increased. Unwittingly your incidental expenses have been keeping a chain of employment going – so please don’t stop spending entirely.

Suggestion #1 Give a gift voucher to someone and keep our village alive – many families will have had their normal lives disrupted completely and sending them a meal supplied  by a restaurant is a great way to revive their spirits and encourage the restaurants and their staff, to keep fighting to stay open.

Suggestion #2 You can now travel within the Province. If you can’t go away right now, then consider buying a voucher for a weekend away in the future and negotiate flexible dates; or you may wish to help a company stay afloat by paying a deposit on a stay for the future. Give the voucher to friends or family if you can’t get away.

Low interest rates for three years means we should invest in capital expenditure

Take advantage of the stable low interest rates to do renovations on your home. Support those who are good at what they do and add value to your house. Capital expenditure is the most cost effective at this time as you can negotiate prices, and it will keep families alive and give small business owners the courage to keep fighting for their businesses and employees.

We are going to have to work harder

The only way to grow an economy is to increase productivity. This means that for quite some time we are all going have to adjust to working harder – sometimes just to achieve the same result. Growth can still happen but it will take more effort.

Form an ecosystem

Help each other’s business to survive by sharing strategies with those who are struggling and seek partnerships to reduce costs and provide common value. Sharing experience and strategies with other businesses, can be just the kind of encouragement someone needs at this time. We all have networks and helping to promote each other’s business could make all the difference.

If you plan to be in business next year - act like it

Practice village economics and prepare yourself for increased economic activity. Take into account that what was considered valuable before, will be thoroughly re-examined by your customers in the future, so there is no such thing as going back to what used to be. We will all need to reintroduce ourselves to a world that has rapidly learnt to think differently.

– Mr Allen van Blerk (Principal)

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