Pre-Primary School

Private Pre-Primary for Boys



Our Pre-Primary School is a special place designed for boys from three years old to begin their learning adventure.

This is the age at which learning should not be rushed as it is essential for boys’ well-being that they play out their imaginations every day. And on hot days, the Pre-Primary School boys have their own 1m deep pool where they can confidently learn to swim. Drama and music fuel unlimited imaginations and creativity, and solid Christian foundations keep character and values in priority.

This is an extraordinary place where the boys love their teachers and their school, and parents often struggle to get them to go home at the end of the day.


Age-appropriate pre-reading and pre-writing skills are introduced in Grade 000 and extended in Grade 0. Knowledge and confidence in numbers is encouraged and enhanced through a wide range of concrete operational activities and also with the help of grade-appropriate Maths material – the same as that followed in Singapore, the world’s leading Maths system.

Great attention is paid to the development of age-appropriate social skills and emotional control through close teacher observation and guidance.


Plenty of outdoor play is an important part of our Pre-School programme. Sunny, grassed patches and the large pools of shade under mature trees provide the backdrop for many garden adventures. Observant teachers are always on hand to guide and advise our boys in their social development.

Our new Pre-Primary Natural Playpark opened in April 2022 and has been an absolute hit! For our little lads it is pure paradise with so much opportunity to roll, run, slide, zip and bike around to their hearts’ content. There is endless digging, fort and campfire building, and they seem to create a new adventure every day. As teachers we are so grateful for this magnificent playscape that has added so much developmental value to our playground. It is truly a privilege to be part of a pioneering school that has the needs of every child at heart. As I am writing this, I can hear lots of happy chattering, squeals of delight and the zooming sound of our zipline. I am reminded of the words of Lara Wells, a remedial teacher and previous HOD of Scrummies: “Happy children learn optimally”. I can honestly say that ours is a happy place!

Although everything required for little boys to learn can be found within the St Charles College Pre-Primary, teachers make regular use of the extended facilities on the greater campus.

On 35ha there are plenty of fields, walks, logs and rocks to be explored. The school Chapel, libraries, courts and playing surfaces are all available to our Pre-Primary boys.


While many parents and boys have great ambitions for sporting careers on the international stage, the research shows that if formal skills are introduced too early, the critical element of imagination can be sacrificed. So we start first with movement skills that develop into sporting skills later and these are carefully coached through Playball. These lessons are built into the school day and happen weekly.


As part of the value offered at St Charles College, after-care with close adult supervision is provided Monday to Friday after classes until 5pm for our Pre-Primary boys within the facility. Access to the Pre-Primary area is controlled and parents are required to personally collect their children.

Holiday care camps assist working parents to manage busy lives and boys love the extra play-time.