Cambridge International Examinationstwo student boys working with tablets at their desks

St Charles College has been an accredited University of Cambridge International Examination Centre since 2002. For more than a decade we have been offering the Cambridge Curriculum with exceptional results.


CAI External Students

Information and forms for Cambridge Assessment International external students.

4 young boys lying on the ground with their heads together


Singapore Mathematics and Science in the Preparatory School

Singapore has for many years led the way in developing the 21st Century Mathematics and Science skills in its youngest citizens. Boys at St Charles College learn to succeed and enjoy solving problems and to experience the reward of solving problems.


Design and Technology - Technical Pathways

The fourth industrial revolution is underway and it is great to find ourselves well on our way to providing new pathways of learning as the world changes. While an academic education still holds currency worldwide, we have made space for each boy to accommodate a window subject that opens into the economy. The opportunity to gain real work experience through practical exposure in the industry and to put new skills into practice is an invaluable life skill.

We are fortunate to be able to offer these qualifications within the environment of a traditional boys’ school with the full benefits of a focus on character education.