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Saints Term Calendar 2021 (Revised Dates)

Important Updates

25 January - Term 1 Commencement of School and Adjustment of School Calendar

Campus News

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Mathematics Olympiad - Round 1

The first round of the South African Mathematics Olympiad was written on 11 March 2021. Our Saints boys produced excellent results, with 49 out of the 53 Junior boys qualifying to write the second round.

Achieving Top in Grade 8 was Divaar Pillay, Chuhal Pillay and Slade Siebert with 100% each. Top in Grade 9 was Cameron Beesley and Chris Anderssen with 85% each. Top in Grade 12 was Jaimé Gous with 85%, Top in Grade 11 was Thomas Freese and Sebastian Ridge both with 75% and Top in Grade 10 was Pepijn Rennings with 60%.

We would like to congratulate these boys on their excellent achievement and want to wish them all the best for the second round which will be written on 18 May 2021. – Mrs Charlotte Pillay (Head of Mathematics)

News from the Class of 2020

We are proud to be able to share with our Saints Community that four boys from our Matric Class of 2020 have been accepted into Medicine at Stellenbosch University this year! Congratulations to our future Drs…


Senior School Artwork of the Week

This week’s Artwork of the Week is an acrylic painting by Grade 11 AS student, Asanda Vengeni. He has been looking at a theme of portraits which are expressive and show some emotion rather than just a photographic image of the subjects. – Ms Mary-Ann Hartley

Friends of Bisley - Update on the Bridge Building Project

Due to tests and assignments weighing down on the boys, we had a smaller group join us this past weekend at the Bisley Nature Reserve.

We came across a herd of 12 giraffe, which was an amazing sight. Many of the boys had never been so close to giraffe.

We collected and carried the poles needed for the restoration of an old bridge and after that we took a walk to the dam. The last floods in early February had damaged the walkway across the wall, so animals that usually passed by could no longer cross. To fix this, we collected lots of wood from a fallen tree, some short wooden poles, sand and silt that the dam had washed down. All these were put onto the bank to create a staircase where zebra and giraffe can now cross without hurting themselves. This was done under the direction of Alan Bennet and Dave Boardman.

The steps are rustic, natural and eco-friendly having used available material. There is still some work to do on the stairs but so far it is looking much better. – Mr Sean Anthony

IsiZulu Lessons to Start the Week

With some exciting developments underway in the sphere of languages in our College, the Senior Primary have been kicking every week off with a lesson in isiZulu. As part of our online assemblies, Mr Sokhela has been teaching us isiZulu phrases and how to use them to engage with others. These are then practiced throughout the week in classes and around school, informally.

It has been incredible to see the confidence growing in our boys. This has been particularly evident during morning screenings, where we are now able to interact with each other in more than one language. – Mr Brett Sliedrecht (Head of Senior Primary)

Crazy Senso Day in our Pre-Primary School

From slipping and sliding and running under the hose pipe to playing in mud and being covered in foam and slime – our boys in Scrummies had the very best Friday and Crazy Senso Day!