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Saints Term Calendar 2021 (Revised Dates)

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12 June 2021 - Important Communication from the Principal

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Coach Elevation Sessions

“Some tend to think coaches work only in sport… but great coaches know better.” - Professor Tim Noakes.

With the suspension of all extra-curriculars on campus this week, we have been able to accelerate our coach education plans for 2021. The ongoing process includes both internal and external courses and seminars. Our rugby coaches had already completed online courses – with BokSmart accreditation being a priority – and some of our cricket coaches have signed up to do Cricket South Africa courses next week, which will be run by CSA representatives here on campus.

The internal courses are equally important, and we are blessed at St Charles College with staff who have a wide range of experience and skills. As we look to continue elevating our coaching team, we thank the coaches who shared with their peers this week as well as leaders Joel Barron and Gregg Cole-Edwardes for initiating. – Mr Rowan Irons (Director of Sport)

Day 1 Presentations                                  
Joel Barron – Critical Thinking                                               
Petrus du Plessis – Rugby @ Saints                                       
Kelvin Elder – Planning & Controlling Intensity                    
Rowan Irons – Scenarios & Responses

Day 2 Presentations
Rowan Irons – Coaching Gen Z @ Saints
Morne van Wyk – Saints Cricket & MANA
Matthew Coombes – Hockey @ Saints
Nick Jackson – Coaching Fundamentals

Outreach Trip to the Raptor Centre

On Friday the 4th of June, the St Charles College boys went with Mrs Joubert on an Outreach excursion to the African Raptor Centre to help serve our community.

On arrival the boys were given a quick tour of the Centre and were shown a variety of birds to marvel at. These are all birds that had been rescued. Their knowledge was expanded particularly on the most endangered bird present at the Centre the bearded vulture.

The boys were all eager to help to be part of building a new enclosure for these birds so that more could be saved and preserved from extinction. There were many jobs to be done and the boys set to the task with vigour. A sense of camaraderie was felt between the boys as they struggled together to overcome some of the larger obstacles of preparing and building a new enclosure.

The visit was beneficial to both the boys and the community and was thoroughly enjoyed by both. – Joel Archibald (Grade 8)

Projects in our Technical Facility

Earlier this week our Grade 10s were caught on camera having fun while making a vanity with two draws and a mirror that will be able to pivot.

The boys will have a chance to stain the wood an imbuia colour to make them look up-market. All the Grade 10s are working on the same project that will teach them many hand skills and working with portable electric machines such as a belt sander, jig saw and router.

Twenty-two moms can expect to receive a beautiful handmade Christmas present this year. – Mr Martin Muller

Our Grade 11s have recently been working on their respective models after being given the following scenario to follow:

“Teenagers and adults collect jewellery, trinkets and small gadgets over a period of time. Some items are bought while others are gifts from family and friends. Design and make a solid softwood tabletop sized organiser, possibly incorporating a mirror that pivots in your design.”

Seen in the pictures are the boys designing and making an article of furniture which complies to the scenario and is something that would add value to their own their lives. - Mr Martin Muller

Hooked on Books in the Prep School

Earlier this week, our boys in the Prep School were visited by the “Hooked on Books” team for a show! The boys loved every second and left feeling inspired to read.

Learning in Fun in the Junior Primary

Earlier this term while working on their theme of ‘plants and growing’ our Grade 2 boys in the Junior Primary grew their own grass heads and then gave them a haircut!

A Language Passport will Open Doors of Understanding and Opportunity

As part of our aim to create an environment of understanding, tolerance and opportunity, we have partnered with three language schools, each offering a unique set of expertise and experience.

One of those partners is now based at The Coach House and is working with our Academic Council to address language needs in the College. Jenny Kerchhoff, who heads the KZN Language Institute, is engaged with us on a research project on multilingualism and language awareness.

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Pictured: Dr Kate Akerman and Mr Barry Strydom who taught Boaz Hansen and Michael Cook respectively in the A Level subjects for which they received Top in South Africa, Excellence in the World Awards.

Cambridge Excellence in the World Award

The Cambridge Excellence in the World Awards acknowledge the top performers in the Cambridge International Examinations. Even though no awards were made for the June 2020 series due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our St Charles College pupils and staff still managed to achieve some noteworthy achievements in the November 2020 sitting.
– Mr Darren Holcomb (Head of Upper School)

Boaz Hansen

Michael Cook

Juan Reynaldo Depestre Velazquez