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Environmental Innovation

Environmental Innovation for All of Us We will be emphasising environmental solutions this term and hope you will join us in changing our collective habits in this regard. With two years and eight months, exactly, until day zero (when we will cease to contribute to the dump entirely) there is a lot we can each…
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Researching Augmented Reality

Researching Augmented Reality The College appointed Dr Miguel Cavero as the Head of Academic Research and Development to work towards the intentional integration of technology into teaching, learning and personal organisation. We believe that we have found the golden thread and we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. It’s very important to know…
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Environmental Future-thinking

Environmental Future-thinking 2021 Twice this year the city dump has been on fire. Fortunately for us, and not so fortunately for others, the prevailing winds have carried the smoke away from us and we have been, coincidentally, largely unaffected. The summer fires happen because the Dump does not have the compacting machines required to condense…
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