Middle School

Private Boys Middle School (Grade 8 – 10)

The Middle School (High School Grade 8 – 10) caters for boys in the early years of adolescence with their lively needs: intellectual, spiritual, physical and cultural.

These aspects are under the direction of the Head of Middle School and three Heads of Grade. In this phase boys are encouraged to develop learning patterns and explore their abilities in every aspect of College Life. Our boys need to learn to work in teams and as individuals.

With a directed academic programme leading to the IGCSE examinations in Grade 10, the Middle School boys are required to become increasingly focused on integrating their knowledge and to accept responsibility for their own progress. We recognise that not all learning happens inside the Classroom and an excellent sports and extramural programme designed for the positive physical development of the boys in the Middle School.

While we once advocated holistic education, today we believe in educating the whole boy

In line with the Cambridge Curriculum we aim to develop boys who are “confident in working with information and ideas – their own and those of others; who are responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others; who are innovative and equipped for new and future challenges and who are engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference.”


The College Staff are a diverse and highly qualified set of mentors who understand their role as examples to impressionable boys in the Middle School. High energy levels are required to deal effectively with boys and most of our staff are involved in the sports coaching and cultural leadership of the boys at the College. We are fortunate to attract Old Boys of the College as teachers and leaders which helps to conserve a consistent path of progress as we build the College.

Extension programmes are designed to expose boys to sensible risk and challenge boys in the High School (Grade 8 to 10) to reflect on their strengths and to build critical views of the world. Throughout the year old boys and other successful role models visit the College and help to inspire our boys to aim to make a difference.


St Charles College offers the most comprehensive academic program for boys in South Africa. With the target of writing Cambridge IGCSE at the end of their Grade 10 year, the boys of St Charles College receive an excellent classic education from the first day of Grade 8. The secret to success is allocation of enough time to prepare our boys to excel. Coupled with confident teachers we take great pride in setting new academic records year after year.

Compulsory subjects include: Grade 10 choice subjects:
English Language Physical Science Art and Design
English Literature Biology Divinity
2nd Language (Choice of three) History Physical Education
Mathematics Geography Design and Technology
Music Accounting
Business Studies


With the addition of Cambridge Design and Technology at IGCSE and AS Level, we now offer an extended range of learning pathways to suit boys who enjoy a practical component to their learning.

Elective options:
During their progress through the Middle School, boys have some elective choices which include: Accounting, Design and Technology, Art and Design, Sport Science, Coding and Music.

Electives are also available as options in Grade 10 subject choices. Please note that Coding is not offered as a subject in Grade 10, 11 or 12.