Online Applications


Thank you for your interest in making an application for your son.
St Charles College is a through-school and accepts applications for places in each of the Five Schools that make up our One College from Grade 000 (boys 3 turning 4 in their year of entry) to Grade 12.

STEP 1 Scan your documents
A     Copy of your son’s Unabridged Birth Certificate (or passport if he is not a South African citizen)
B     Recent photograph of your son
C     Scanned copy of the Applicants most recent school report *
*For Pre-Primary School boys who don’t have a report yet, only upload documents A & B
Please note that your online application will only proceed once the correct number of documents have been uploaded.

STEP 2 Applications for brothers
A     Contact the College to obtain your Ed-Admin Parent ID
B     Be ready to enter the number when required to pull all your existing information into your application form

STEP 3 You are ready to begin your application

Please note that there is no application fee.