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The Making of a School Telescope

The Making of a School Telescope - Part 1 Article by Mr Gareth Barry One of the common complaints amongst students is a lack of practical application of the knowledge and skills learnt in class. At St Charles College, we address this by providing as many opportunities as possible for our boys to put their…
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Maths Homework Advice

Take the Tears Out of Maths Homework More tears are spilt over dining room tables between parents and children doing Maths homework than any other school subject. So, what can you do differently to make sure that homework doesn’t turn into a daily nightmare? Be clear about your role You are the caring supportive parent…
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Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities in the Pre-Primary School Our teachers in Scrummies are always recognising and making the most of learning opportunities that present themselves. This even sometimes includes phoning our Deputy Principal, Mr Graham Stewart-Burger, to see if he can run down to Scrummies to give an impromptu science lesson to the boys! Our Pre-Primary School…
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A Connected Campus

A CONNECTED CAMPUS Following on from our earlier article on Researching Augmented Reality, the train of our research is in its second phase where we establish the electronic platforms and environment to support our learning and teaching aspirations. It is essential that every teacher and boy feels completely at ease as we transition. The key…
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