We are a non-denominational Christian School for boys from three to eighteen years old. As you learn more about the five schools that make up our College, we hope you will be inspired by our commitment to independent education for boys. You are welcome to visit us.

We Believe...

We believe that we have a responsibility to honour God in all we do. We want to live the core values that have been passed down from generation to generation. We believe that teachers and coaches can make a critical difference to the life-paths of those we teach. We want to prepare our boys to do the difficult and important things well.


We believe in independent thinking and striving for the highest international standards. We want to design a school that inspires young men to learn.


We believe that there are no worthwhile shortcuts in education. We want to build an exceptional school that is respected for our humility. We believe that character is more important than accomplishment. We know that boys respond to teachers who care for them and that parents want us to know their son.


We believe that diversity protects society. We want to send confident, responsible and dynamic young men into the world, ready to make a difference. We believe that effort is reflected in every success. We want every boy to be part of a team.


We believe that education can change the world.

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Academic Curriculum

St Charles College is an established academic institution that seeks to provide qualifications and academic pathways that provide choices for each boy and to prepare them for a world filled with possibilities. We seek to instil the international confidence that is needed to operate as independent thinking global citizens.

A Levels, AS Levels and IGCSE


A Levels and AS Levels


International Qualifications


Five Schools in One College

St Charles College, founded in 1875, is a Christian, independent boys' College situated in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, catering for day boys from Grade 000 to Grade 12, with boarders from Grade 4 upwards. St Charles College is committed to an education that provides a global learning experience. We follow the curriculum set by the University of Cambridge International Examinations.

The Greater Life of The College

At St Charles College we believe in a well-rounded education and this includes several key areas of focus.

We are focused on team sport and full participation

Music and performance build confidence

We develop character both in and outside the classroom

We are a non-denominational Christian College

Age-appropriate boarding from Grade 4 to Grade 12

St Charles College - Private Boarding School for Boys


To the faithful one, a certain reward