Fee Structure

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A non-refundable fee of R645 is payable on submission of a manual application (fee effective from date of release of updated structure). Charges for on-line applications will only apply if incomplete and/or result in an interview.

Once a pupil is offered and accepts a place at the College, in confirmation of the place offered an acceptance fee is to be paid immediately to secure this place. This amount is non-refundable other than as described below:

Grade 000 to Grade 7 - Boarders and Day Scholars
Non-refundable acceptance fee: R3,000
Grade 8 to Grade 12 - Day Scholars
Non-refundable acceptance fee: R7,000
Advance fee Portion: R4,000
Grade 8 to Grade 12 - Boarders
Non-refundable acceptance fee: R10,000
Advance fee Portion: R7,000

Any amount paid by St Charles College Preparatory scholars during Grade 000 to 7 to secure their place in the Preparatory School will be treated as part payment of the Grade 8 to 12 non-refundable acceptance fee. The advance fee portion of this non-refundable acceptance reflected in the table above will be credited to the school fees account once attendance is confirmed in January.

Acceptance of a place with payment of the acceptance fee renders the parent liable for the 1st Quarter fees (being ¼ of the “Total Day Scholar Fee” or “Boarder Fee” respectively). St Charles College presumes on its scholars progressing from Preparatory School to the High School with preference where the application criteria for the High School are met.

St Charles annual tuition & boarding fees
Note 1: When making comparisons please note fees include most conventional recoveries collected as extras
Note 2: Non-RSA residents to have a full term’s fees paid in advance at all times - Annual Fees are payable in advance over 10 months
Note 3: Annual upfront amount payable Inclusive of Levies to qualify for the published EARLY SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT
Grade 12: Notice of withdrawal once the year has commenced will not result in any reduction in the annual fee payable

The FEE in Grade 000 to Grade 7 INCLUDES conventional recoveries such as compulsory boys’ accident insurance, class excursions, art and general purpose photocopying, plays and activities, workbooks and textbooks and also include a subsidy toward the cost of transport on certain sports tours and outings in each grade and aftercare for
Grade 000 to Grade 3.

The FEE for Grade 8 to Grade 12 similarly INCLUDES conventional recoveries such as compulsory boys’ accident insurance, Cambridge international examination fees (excl. rewrites and additional subjects), compulsory school educational and sports outings, compulsory orientation and leadership & development excursions, the matric dinner, the use of allocated lockers, general purpose photocopying and any event included in the annual budget.

A daily boarding rate of R545 per night will be charged for day scholars staying in the boarding establishment for short periods. Where boys necessarily stay overnight for planned school functions a subsidized daily rate may be charged.

Included in the Total for Day Scholars and for Boarders is a contribution to the Development Fund of R7 600 for Grades 000 to 0; R9 300 for Grades 1 to 7 and R11 700 for Grades 8 to 12. This annual contribution is per family and is based on the oldest son being educated at the College at the same time.

The Development Levy is used solely for the development of the College, and is administered by representatives of the Trustees, the Board of Governors and College Management. The payment is treated as a donation to an educational establishment in terms of S18A of the Income Tax Act; once the S18A certificate is issued, no refund may be considered for whatever reason.

Non-residents deposit: 1 terms fees in advance.
Rigid Exchange Control regulations promulgated in 2004 necessitate a deposit of one terms fees (in addition to the usual acceptance fee) being lodged with the College before a scholar who is resident of a country outside of the borders of South Africa can be admitted. These deposits have not been separately demarcated by the College to date; any non-resident who does not have a full term’s fees in advance in their account will be levied a fee of R1 990 per month until the account complies with this provision. In other words, Annual fees and levies are payable termly in advance for all non-resident scholars whose fees are paid to the College via exchange control channels and obviously does NOT apply to parents who take advantage of early settlement discount and who pay for the full year in advance.

Classroom and extramural activities:
Ancillary costs such as certain sporting events, additional subjects and foreign languages, voluntary activities, rewrites, remarks, additional tutoring, medicines, special entertainment and non-compulsory travel and accommodation are not included in fees or the extras levy and will be recovered individually as and when the specific expenditure is incurred. Charges are available on request and parents will be forewarned of this expenditure. Where textbooks are issued by the College these will be invoiced at the depreciated cost to the College.

Insurance and medical aid:
Parents are requested to ensure their child / children are members of a medical aid scheme and to provide the College with the details thereof.

Parents are furthermore requested to ensure that their child’s / children’s possessions are adequately insured under their own personal all risks insurance policies. The College cannot be held liable for theft / loss of any pupil’s possessions from the College or Boarding Establishment.

A full terms notice*, in writing, or one (1) term’s fees in lieu of notice, is required before withdrawal of a pupil from the school, the boarding establishment or participation in extra subjects. Once registered for the A-level program and/or Grade 12, notice of withdrawal will not result in any reduction in the annual fees payable. Notice of withdrawal will not result in any reduction in the annual Development Levy as this is committed prior to commencement of the year.

A FULL term’s notice means that if your child is removed from boarding and/or the College during any term, without written notice before the commencement of that term, then fees will be charged for the remainder of that term and the following term.
terms fees in lieu of notice will be calculated as one quarter (¼) of the “Total for Boarders” or one quarter (¼) of the “Total Day Scholar Tuition & Levy” respectively.

Annual fees are payable monthly IN ADVANCE in 10 instalments, billed over 9 months from January to September. Payment of these amounts must be in accordance with specific terms laid down in the College’s debt collection policy. Penalty interest, at 6.25 % above the prime overdraft rate charged by First National Bank, published from time to time, and compounded monthly in advance, will be charged on all outstanding fees in terms of the Board’s debt collection policy. Payments in cash will attract bank deposit fees at applicable rates charged by FNB (currently up to 2.7%) plus an administrative charge of R98 per deposit.

Parents who provide proof of payment of the annual fees IN FULL (including both levies) before the 31st January 2020 will be entitled to a discount structured as follows:-
6.25% if banked between 1 November 2019 and 15 November 2019.
4.50% if banked between 16 November 2019 and 15 December 2019.
3.25% if banked between 16 December 2019 and 31 January 2020.

Please note that this discount will NOT apply in full to settlements by credit card and/or payments in cash as the additional bank charges incurred will necessarily be deducted from the discount. Cheques and foreign transfers take longer to clear; you are advised to make allowance for this, in order to avoid disappointment, as cut-off dates will be strictly observed.

Where payments are made in advance annual fees and the development levy will reflect on your account in January.