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Following on from our earlier article on Researching Augmented Reality, the train of our research is in its second phase where we establish the electronic platforms and environment to support our learning and teaching aspirations. It is essential that every teacher and boy feels completely at ease as we transition.

The key component will be seamless Wi-Fi across the campus. We are well down this track and several classes are participating in trials to monitor the ease of connectivity and to determine the software and setting requirements to support and enhance optimal learning in the different subjects.

The boys have handled the experience maturely and with great excitement. The idea of coming to school with a tablet and a lunchbox is quite appealing. Our key goal is safe, easy, simple solutions and that takes a lot of work. At this stage we believe we will be ready by 2020 to launch.

Electronic textbooks will not cost less but they can never be lost, left in the rain or eaten by the dog. The tablet can (be eaten by the dog) but backup to the cloud means no boy can ever lose his bag or all his notes again. I know some parents might be relieved about that.

Dr Denise Bjorkman, guest speaker and researcher of neuroscience and mental health, commended our approach of preserving the memory demands and writing expectations (we will use a stylus to write with not our fingers). She shared data which indicates the effects of technology on the young brain when the learning essentials are unwittingly eliminated.

We will be opening up Wi-Fi to parents (and boys) on Saturdays for limited periods. The boarders will also benefit soon from limited Wi-Fi so they can contact their parents and the roll-out of the Wi-Fi APs is close to completion. - Mr Allen van Blerk (Principal)

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    What type of tablets will they be.

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