Middle School Boarding

Boarding for Middle School Students

Whether boarding for the first time or moving up from a primary school boarding environment, boarding in Grade 8 offers excitement and challenges. Increased independence, adolescence and the demands of high school academic routines and programmes contribute to these challenges.

A wonderful culture exists within Pennefather House which is driven by concerned and involved staff. St Charles College aims to provide for support and growth by accommodating Grade 8 boys in their own House, which includes a number of dormitories (dorms). Pennefather House is an historic building which houses our Grade 8 boys. The dorms house between 6 and 15 boys in each, which satisfies the need for socialisation at this stage in a boy’s development. We pursue an ethos of inclusion at this level and the boys are encouraged to participate in as many activities as they can.

Pennefather House has capacity for 45 boys and has attached, a Housemaster’s residence. Close communication is maintained between the boarding staff in Pennefather House and parents, as we understand the importance of building close bonds, which will last for the boys’ time with us.

Homework is supervised by both a boarding master and a prefect in a communal venue. Facilities are available in the House for the boys to do work outside of routine homework times.

The entrance to Pennefather House is monitored by security cameras and the recreation area is supplied with DSTV, although there is little time in the daily routine for boys to watch TV.

Grade 9 boarders enjoy their own house with cubicles occupied by pairs of boys; each equipped with beds, cupboards and desks, so that boys enjoy age appropriate privacy without being isolated. Grade 9 boarders do their homework at the desk in their rooms and are supervised by prefects and the master on duty. Boarding master accommodation adjoins the house and two prefects reside in the dormitory to which they have been allocated. A spacious common room and kitchenette provides boys with a communal recreation and relaxation venue.