Senior Primary Boarding

Boarding for Primary School Students

Our Senior Primary Boarding House is purpose built to create a safe environment that provides boys with a degree of privacy without leaving them feeling isolated or alone.

Boys from Grades 4-7 are accommodated in the same double-story House with junior grades downstairs and senior grades upstairs.

Our Housemaster resides less than a stone throw away from the Boarding House and there are two junior staff members residing on each floor to ensure that help, guidance and oversight are within easy reach.

Homework is supervised by boarding staff at the end of each day in the primary school library.

boarding school for boys
As part of a through school our Senior Primary boys enjoy the space and facilities available to the entire school while closely monitored by staff, who provide routine and control specific to the needs of younger boys. The sanatorium is positioned less than fifty metres from the Boarding House and there is a school nurse on duty 24 hours of every day. For serious medical conditions there are two private hospitals within five kilometres of the school.

Junior School boarders enjoy three meals a day in a dining room shared with senior boarders. A boardingmaster sits with boarders for all meals and boys eating habits are watched closely.

Senior Primary boarders are only allowed access to their cell phones for thirty minutes every day and the use of cell phones is closely monitored, as are other electronic devices.